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Custom Software Development

Enterprise systems, apps, intranets and more - we take an agile approach to building scalable custom software, integrating the latest technologies, with a dynamic user-friendly experience

Next Generation AI

Driving customer acquisition and revenue growth through machine learning, personalization and more across all digital platforms.

Internet of Things

Connecting the power of the internet to everyday objects, enabling brands to meet consumers exactly where they are

We Follow A Proven Software Development Life Cycle Process

  • 1. Analysis

    As a kickoff to the software development process, we document any existing software, features and functionalities. Then, our experts collaborate with the client to determine which elements should remain in the revised solution, as well as the new features that should be created.

    For software products, Vstudiozzz also runs thorough competitor research to set benchmarks and identify the unique value(s) that will get the client's solution ahead.

  • 2. Design

    Once the documentation and software plan are created and approved by the client, the Vstudiozzz team begins created wireframe designs – which are essentially blueprints of the software. These wireframes are created in partnership with the digital strategist – who leads the project – and the information architect – who writes the specification documents outlining the complete list of features and functionalities that will be included in the new design.

    Once the wireframes are approved, they move into traditional design, which adds colors, typography, imagery and other creative elements that will encompass the interface.

  • 3. Development

    After the designs are approved, the project moves into development. In this stage of the software development life cycle, the graphic designs are transformed into lines of code, which transform the static images into dynamic platforms.

    The development stage is typically the longest within the software cycle, but it is important to built software solutions properly the first time to ensure long-term success and minimal bugs. Vstudiozzz prides itself on moving software development swiftly but with complete accuracy.

  • 4. Testing

    Throughout the development process, the Vstudiozzz team tests the software for quality assurance, functionality and usability. Testing software continuously throughout the software development life cycle is crucial to successful custom software projects. By testing software as soon as it enters development, the Vstudiozzz team is more likely to identify issues the moment they arise. This enables us to solve them before additional functionalities are built on top of the error.

  • 5. Launch

    Once the software is built, tested, and approved by the client, we will take it live. However, deploying software is not the end of the road. Instead, the Vstudiozzz team will ensure the solution corresponds with user expectations, if applicable (often called User Acceptance Testing). In addition, we monitor the new software after it has been deployed and troubleshoot unforeseen issues that arise efficiently.

  • 6. Maintenance

    Finally, after the new software is live and working properly, Vstudiozzz also offers long-term maintenance services. These include cybersecurity, troubleshooting, operating system updates, feature and design improvement, and more.

    By investing in software solution maintenance, brands will be able to ensure they have a state-of-the-art solution with great user experience that helps their business grow effectively.

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